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Harvard University Police Department

As the Security and Technology Systems Manager at the Harvard University Police Department, I depend on timely response to issues impacting our systems and backend databases. G Force Data has been monitoring our database system for over a year now.  We have a high level of confidence in their ability to immediately know when problems occur and we are very satisfied with their dedication to quickly resolving any issues that exist.  G Force Data promptly notifies us of problems they detect and resolve...before we know the problem exists. With so many technologies and areas of expertise to master, it is nice knowing we have experts focused on ensuring our data is protected.

-George Fox, Security and Technology Systems Manager, Harvard University Police Department

East Hampton Village Long Island, NY

G Force Data has been monitoring our primary SQL Server for almost 1 year.   They are quick to respond to alerts and promptly notify us of issues they resolve.  There have been several instances where the SQL Monitor Service discovered a problem and G Force Data resolved it before we knew it existed .  We are specifically impressed with the fact that they monitor us remotely, 24 hours a day, and without installing extra applications or services on our database servers.  The SQL LiveSync dual backup strategy they put in place means I have a second full database backup on a separate network location in case we lose our primary server disk array.  It's comforting knowing I no longer have to worry about losing my data.

-Tony Long, East Hampton Village Long Island, NY

Lowell, MA Fire Department

G Force Data provides service that exceeds our expectations and they demonstrate their expertise with database systems consistently.  On a recent project, Jason Gerrish completed not only the requested restoration of historic database backups, but successfully reconnected the data with a previously non-working 3 Party application…something we never thought possible.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results provided by G Force Data.  Jason is worth his weight in gold!

-Lt. Dennis Bergeron, Lowell, MA Fire Department

Lowell, MA Police Department

G Force Data has provided SQL Server consulting, disaster recovery, reporting, and emergency support to the Lowell Police Department for almost 2 years now.  Whether it’s setting up our log shipped disaster recover/reporting server, implementing SQL email alerts, creating customized reports and scheduling their automatic execution, or helping with immediate emergency support when our system went down…G Force Data demonstrates their technical expertise and dedication to customer service.  They also developed numerous custom automated reports that have become critical to operations.  It is nice to know we have a competent, skilled, professional resource to help us with our most critical data.

-Craig Withycombe, Lowell, MA Police Department

Waltham Services

Finding expert SQL Server help has been a recurring problem for me as the Information Technology Manager at Waltham Services. When we recently needed a SQL Server machine swap, a friend recommended Jason Gerrish at G Force Data. We contacted Jason and he was more than happy to assist us on short notice and he worked through the weekend on the project to keep weekday service interruption at a minimum. G Force Data extensively planned all aspects of the project and executed the swap perfectly. We could not have imagined a smoother transition to the new server. Following project completion, they frequently logged in remotely to inspect the SQL Server and ensure all backups, maintenance plans, and jobs were performing properly. It is comforting knowing we have experts ensuring our mission critical databases are properly maintained and that our backups are available in case of disaster.

-Mathew Phillips, Information Technology Manager, Waltham Services, Inc.

Billerica Fire Department (Billerica, MA)

One of my responsibilities as a Deputy Chief of the Billerica Fire Department is the management and care of all fire records.All of the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and fire reports are stored on servers and I run the traditional tape backups. My main concern is if I lost a server will I be able to restore all the records. The data base is growing larger every day and I was very nervous about a catastrophic failure. I contacted G Force Data and they assessed my system and set up a plan to have live backups and disaster a recovery program. They walked me through a backup system that would effectively address all my concerns. The backups of all my data are now supervised by G Force Data and I am very happy with the results.

-John Sullivan, Deputy Chief, Billerica Fire Department


Centerville-Osterville Marstons Mills Fire District (MA)

As Director of Information Systems I maintain the WAN for 3 Fire Stations and the Water Department. I have been using G Force?s services for over a year, enabling me to spend more time on the day-to-day networking and maintenance without having to worry about the SQL server maintenance and backups. SQL LiveSync gives us an up to date copy of the database for Disaster Recovery. It is nice having another set of eyes watching out for the SQL server.

-Janice Gannon, MCSEDirector of Information Systems, Centerville-Osterville Marstons Mills Fire District